A Trouble Maker Husband •Jelsa Story•

A Trouble Maker Husband •Jelsa Story•

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The Arendelle Company had buisness partner to The Overland Company. They agreed to arranged a marriage to their childs named Elsa Winters Arendelle and Jackson Overland Frost. They both forced by their parents and sisters. Elsa and Jack knew each other because they both studied in the same school when they're highschool. Jack always make some pranks to Elsa. She hated Jack ever since she met him. Jack is the King of Trouble Maker before. Now, they are both heiress of their company. Elsa's sister named Anna Winters Arendelle. Jack's sister named Emma Overland Frost. Jack is still a trouble maker. Years passed they forced to get married, Elsa still hated Jack. Will the destiny put them to be together? Or Elsa will still hated Jack like she always do?

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I like those books, and have you read the sequel to I'm not that girl?
Can someone help me pronounce author's name correctly?? *looks around.*
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She said I HAD a sister named Anna does it mean she died  or something😔😐😑
Ummm.. The story's going on good but you may need to practice on your grammar. I'm sorry if I offended you *smiles encouragingly* ☺