A Trouble Maker Husband •Jelsa Story•

A Trouble Maker Husband •Jelsa Story•

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What if your enemy before becomes your husband? No, no! Scratch that. I mean... not just your husband. But, the trouble maker one and that guy was your mortal enemy before. Can you survive? Or just let yourself fall inlove?

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jelsaforever3008 jelsaforever3008 May 14, 2016
I like those books, and have you read the sequel to I'm not that girl?
JELSAlover637 JELSAlover637 May 06, 2016
Can someone help me pronounce author's name correctly?? *looks around.*
datkidincali datkidincali Apr 21, 2016
She said I HAD a sister named Anna does it mean she died  or something😔😐😑
Manahil19112003 Manahil19112003 Jul 12, 2016
Ummm.. The story's going on good but you may need to practice on your grammar. I'm sorry if I offended you *smiles encouragingly* ☺