You Need To Chill (Grillby x Reader)

You Need To Chill (Grillby x Reader)

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ᑌᑎᗪIE By Mythical_Underwear Updated Jul 08, 2016

When you stumble across the friendly town of Snowdin, you meet the strangest people, including a skeleton duo, and a bunch of other monsters you have never even imagined of.

But the person that caught your attention the most was a man engulfed in flames.

Despite his flammable appearance, you have a difficult time starting up a conversation.

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  • papyrus
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  • sans
  • toriel
  • undertale
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UrSoFabFangirl UrSoFabFangirl Sep 29, 2017
                              If ya wanna know weirdo fuckin fangirl shipping trash ckelfjsndiskcidjr
                              Meet me 
                              What am I doing with my fucki- MY LIFE
Lullaby_Whispers Lullaby_Whispers Dec 04, 2017
Thank you for specifically singling me out in the crowd, Papyrus. What would I ever do without you to put a small spotlight on me?
Xx_HunnyBunny_xX Xx_HunnyBunny_xX Nov 02, 2016
My doctor said instead of choosing fries i should choose salads so
                              ..........i chooosee...........................................................
SugarCakewolf SugarCakewolf Feb 15, 2017
FISHSTICKS AND CUSTARD...okay if you get the reference that is bonus points but fishsticks and custard is actually good af
bellavillammv bellavillammv Nov 02, 2016
The thing with people singing happy birthday to you is that you don't know where to look
SugarCakewolf SugarCakewolf Feb 15, 2017
At my most recent birthday party everyone was singing to me when I got out my tablet and blasted death by glamour, only my undertale crew was dancing with me...lmao