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Percy Jackson - Mouldyshort's grandson

Percy Jackson - Mouldyshort's grandson

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Imma_Hangry By Imma_Hangry Updated Jan 29

Percy Jackson. In his world, that name carries weight. The weight of numerous quests and prophecies; the weight of his many achievements and losses. His enemies fear that name, many monsters run at the mention of his name; while his friends and allies toast his name and battle prowess, and they are proud to say that they have fought alongside him. 
But, countries away, that name was not known. While in America he is famous, in England that name was unknown to most. Those who did know that name didn't know what it meant; they didn't understand the weight one name carried. What they did know of that name was very little.
That all changed when the one person feared in England made an announcement to a school, Hogwarts. It went like this:
"Hello, little wizards and witches! You thought you defeated me, didn't you? Well, too bad, I'm alive. And soon, I will have a powerful ally by my side. Soon I will have an heir, and together, we will rule the world. He is my grandson and his name is Percy Jackson!"

PersassyFTW PersassyFTW Aug 25, 2016
Why say his name it only make it easier for them to stop you
Justnaomi Justnaomi Mar 22, 2016
Omg I love you so much!!!  I have read every PJ/HP story and I wanted to make one of my own. And guess what... I had exactly the same idea as you. To let Voldemort get to Percy first.
Bellbell342 Bellbell342 Jan 08
@WolfLover0116 just because it doesn't have percebeth in it doesn't mean you shouldn't read it! It might be a really good book for all we know.
yaenn2 yaenn2 Jul 09, 2016
Percy Jackson, in my world the name carries the title of fandom all over the world
StarFlight13 StarFlight13 Sep 25, 2016
It takes great courage to sacrifice Percabeth in the face of all adversity. It takes humility to know that we could never live up to the great expectations of the all-powerful Percabeth.  It is noble to not do terrible Percabeth. Noble.
FallenMcRisen FallenMcRisen Aug 13, 2016
Let's take a moment to mourn for those who decided to not the read the story because of this before running around and screaming about mysterious hot chick-dudes............
                              Ayyyyyyy Atleast we can hook up with Annabeth, lolno