The bet {Exo Fanfcition}{ONGOING}{EDITING}

The bet {Exo Fanfcition}{ONGOING}{EDITING}

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temmy jung <3 By squishy_hobbie Updated Jun 10, 2017

"You lost the bet now your my maid"

"I should've never agreed to this" 

"Too bad sweet cheeks"


Kyungsoo lost the bet with Jongin, a silly little bet, but a huge humiliation and price at the end. 

Over the silliest thing in the world, but putting all his friends on the line. His friends didn't mind though, but the thing was they never knew what the outcome was going to be THAT harsh. 

Read to find out what happens to Kyungsoo and his groups of friends

(Slow updates)

{updated in pairs}(fictional, romance, humor, boyxboy)

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  • sulay
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yehettoday yehettoday Dec 22, 2017
Mate really
                              luhan is the bubbly one whereas u r the emo pokerface little sh*t bag
                              but u r my bias so ya know
Kangarup Kangarup Aug 07, 2017
You cant say anything, Sehun. You are one of the most quiet exo members.
Me: "Yeah a ride on that dic-"
                              God: "NO"
                              Me:  *shuts my mouth*
Maybe he'll get noisy when he gets in bed with you *wriggly eyebrows*