Night At the Museum Fanfic (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

Night At the Museum Fanfic (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

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dogspamadama By dogspamadama Updated Apr 08

(Y/n) has known the Daley family since she were a little kid. She lived with her single mom in New York and goes to the same school as Nick Daley.

But when Larry let's (Y/n) in on his first shift as night guard of the Museum Natural History, the two of them didn't expect to see anything talk, much less move. But when an unknown force tries to steal the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, things take a unsuspecting turn for Larry and (Y/n).

I do not own any of the characters mentioned in the story, just the ones I made up.

Jerseyzz Jerseyzz Jun 16
I like choir but I swear I hate the teacher cuz she gets onto you for no reason
                              And she asked me why I quit I said "you" and ran over
Listening to Disaster by blink-182 while reading this is Ohhhhh noooo the feels
Omfg Mike Dirnt Macbeth's
                              This the first x reader ive ever read with this option and omfg yas
*claps like crazy and whistles*
                              That into was sad, bit I loved the ending :D
ashleymary1 ashleymary1 5 days ago
Ironic that I’m reading this while getting ready for school. Getting ready is an understatement tho I’ve been laying in my bed and I have 10 mins left lit
Wow,  this was a VERY well written intro. I can tell this is going to be an amazing story.