Mateless or Not  (#Wattys2016)

Mateless or Not (#Wattys2016)

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You know once you think that, 'oh life is nothing but happiness or nothing but sadness' it is actually a true mixture of both. I realize that you can't really have happiness throughout every second of you life, you have to go through pain, sorrow, and torture one time in your life. It has happened to me, I thought that just by killing myself everything will be fine, or maybe faking that I am happy will be fine but no it just creates a black whole in your hear. 

Then I found out that, who you love share with them your darkness. You must, and I insist you ought to do so. This way you will have help to seek the light you wanted and trust me, i promise you in the end you will get that happiness but just work hard for it no matter how painful/and dreadful it is. Not matter what! Even if you think you might be mateless or not.

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mazy123 mazy123 Feb 28
Amazing start! I'm already hooked! XD
                              AND THE COVER IS JUST... NO WORDS! ♡♡♡
I love your cover; also the opening is really amazing because there's just enough detail which will make readers more attracted and read the following chapters x
LotteHolder LotteHolder Feb 04
Loved it so much! And I love Emma Watson! (She's also British) ;)
Nice start and a good way to appeal your readers. 
                              Keep up the great work. :)
Deadrot Deadrot Mar 12
Wow did you made that banner? How come I never noticed that!
I can't personal message you, so Pls make a cover for my books Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast.
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                              Thx for reading thsss!