Neo Ace Academy (an Exocrisis Blue Mecha story)

Neo Ace Academy (an Exocrisis Blue Mecha story)

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Peter Lok By peterlokwrites Updated Jan 25

Author’s Note:

This standalone novel takes place almost seventeen years after the short story HARM, which introduced the giant humanoid robots called HARMs.  These robots are piloted by humans who can neurally synchronize with the robot control systems to gain the maximum potential of the machines.  Humanity has established a truce with the invaders after fighting them to a standstill by the end of the Alien War.  However, the political landscape of Earth has changed in the massive upheaval caused by the Blue Newts, who have claimed much of the tropical and subtropical regions of the planet for their own colonies.

Neo Ace continues building the future history that was begun in HARM and then Raid on Kahamba.  

The first three chapters have been presented here as a preview of the full book with 30+ chapters.  The full ebook can be found at Amazon.

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