My one and only werewolf

My one and only werewolf

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JulianaJardim464 By JulianaJardim464 Updated Apr 08, 2017

Elsa Adams is what today's stereotype describe as a"nerdy" girl because she  wears  no makeup,round glasses same hairstyle everyday but to be honest who has time for that I mean sleep is good and Elsas wants to get as much as she can BUT them there's The most lethal place of mankind all teens hate it and it's what we know as school!!!!!she is bullied for no reason except the fact that people think she is a nerd but what people don't know is that she is an alien!!!jk she's a WERWOLF WITH ICE AND SNOW POWERS(ya bet you didn't notice that when you saw the movie)

Jack Frost is what the people of today would call  normal popular rich kid mostly beacuse picks on other kids like Elsa (told you people thought she was lame)but he dosnt like too but he dose because of his reputation like a sane person.and at there school if u have a good reputation than your lucky like every single school like seriously this school could literally make a good book...OH WAIT it dose,but what the school dosnt  know is that he is a......WEREWOLF WITH WIND AND SNOW POWERS(I also bet you thought he was just a spirt but no he's more)

What will happen when they find out that they are mates


*WARNING*Slow updates!you have been warned!

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Maria_Broken Maria_Broken Sep 25, 2016
Huuuuh weelll I love this book but really a cliffhanger, if was just getting good