The Alpha's Lust

The Alpha's Lust

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° e d e n ° By aetherical Updated Oct 27, 2016

"Mine," he growled lowly, trailing small kisses down the side of neck.

"N-no," I whimpered, struggling in his strong embrace.

"I don't care what you say baby girl," he growled slamming me up against his office door, "Because you're mine. My mate. Forever and always. Mine."


Eighteen-year-old, Taylah Rays has been been on the run for eleven years straight. Being a target for many wolves, she is constantly moving through different states with her mother. Having a mate was the last thing on her mind but when she meets a certain, coldhearted Alpha, she doesn't expect to be rejected.

Alpha of the the strongest pack in the world, 22-year-old, Adrianno Levi Caivano is against the theory of mates. He curses the day the Moon Goddess created such things because to him mates were a burden, a force of love and a stupid decision by fate. His mind is set on protecting his pack, his family and he can and will do it without a rightful Luna. When a little mate gets sent Adrianno's way he does not hesitate in rejecting his rightful other half. 

But what happens when a certain Alphas's lust for his rejected mate arises? He wants her back, but will she let him?

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fallingtide fallingtide Oct 09, 2016
sounds interesting! different than your average alpha themed book
xLexxMotionlessx xLexxMotionlessx Sep 05, 2016
I know the only words that you have for me are give up and get out you'd like to think that we've been beaten but we're here to stay forever and always
- - Aug 26, 2016
I love this story already from the cover to the title and to what the characters are portrayed to be; I love it! Interesting storyline so far. Great work !
lincvinyl lincvinyl May 06, 2016
OMG! I just decided to watch Gossip Girl after Shadowhunters. My classmate have been telling me it's good. c:
suicidalnight_ suicidalnight_ Aug 20, 2016
I don't really like reading werewolf stories, because most of the time the plots are overused and cliche. And, I was thinking that it would be the same for this book. Girl gets rejected, she changes, boy falls in love. But the guy wants her because he's lustful. So I might read this!
ASPebble ASPebble Mar 07, 2016
I have been searching for another decent Werewolf romance like this and to be honest I love these sort of stories. By the layout and writing of this Prologue it is set to be an epic story and I can't wait to find out if it is love or lust.