You Rejected Me? Well, Joke is on You.

You Rejected Me? Well, Joke is on You.

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Kaeli Hammer By EverythingAboutYou13 Updated Sep 13, 2015

"Annabell, I'm so sorry." Nate said looking at me with sorrow. I just looked back at him with a cold glare.

"Why are you sorry now? Huh? Why didn't you want me then? You said so yourself. I was ugly, fat, and a waste of space!" I yelled. He whimpered as I said this. "You aren't sorry." I snarled.

"Yes I am!" He stomped his foot like a little boy. "I was stupid! I would do anything to take back what I said! Those three years without you were hell! I beat myself up everyday wishing I could take it all back!"

"No." I said crossing my arms over my chest. I couldn't believe it, I wouldn't.  "You just want me now that you know I'm the Great Wolf anymore. I'm not that weak little girl anymore. You now think I'm worthy of being the pack's Luna. Well guess what I don't want to! The pack will love you for getting them stuck with Brooke.  I have an amazing mate and I'm the goddess damned Great Wolf. You rejected me? Well, joke is on you." 


Annabell Cooper was there for her parents and little sisters murder four years ago. Three years ago she was made the packs slave. Everyone blames her for their death and hate her. She is counting the days until she finds her mate who will save her.

Nate Reynolds is the alpha to be. He's a cocky player who doesn't have a care in the world. On his eighteenth birthday he finds his mate, Annabell. He doesn't think she's cut out to be a Luna so he rejected her. Heart broken and sick of how she's treated she runs away to find a new start. 

While running she runs into the Wolfsbane Pack's territory and meets Cole, the alpha, and Jason, the beta. The Wolfsbane pack is the most feared pack. They take her in and train her.

Three short years later she's pack to train her old pack. She's not the broken hearted weak girl anymore. She's the Wolfsbane's pack warrior. She doesn't take shit from anyone. She just happens to be the Great Wolf that comes around every 1000 years. Nate rejected her? Well joke is on him.

DreamlessAndTainted DreamlessAndTainted Apr 13, 2016
A strong one? A beta who does his job and doesn't try too hard to live to society's standards?
GraciousStoryNazi GraciousStoryNazi Dec 01, 2016
I can't get past the part where he had people hurt her. Nope 👎🏼.  I hope she finds someone better.
DizzyCaix4567 DizzyCaix4567 Jul 04, 2016
Karma's gonna be a bxtch and slap you in the face.
                              I love you, Karma. <3
Abbie-Joy Abbie-Joy Apr 23, 2016
Lmao I love the simplicity like don't be stupid we wouldn't kill little old you
DizzyCaix4567 DizzyCaix4567 Jul 04, 2016
Karma's a bxtch you idiotic inconsiderate weak fxcking asshat. I hope it pours gasoline on you and flicks a match on ya.
Abbie-Joy Abbie-Joy Apr 23, 2016
What kind of brother would you be if you didn't more like...