Ezria ~ Storms Don't Last Forever

Ezria ~ Storms Don't Last Forever

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This story was supposed to be sad but it turned out much different, it's more funny : )

"Help me" The chocolate brown haired girl cried as she held the lifeless body.

"We need to get out of here" The curly haired man spoke to her as he grabbed her wrist.

This story is about Aria Montgomery. An kind and sweet girl who is gonna start her first year at college. Before she goes, her parents decided to treat her and the rest of the family on a vacation on a cruise. Aria meets some new people here, and the whole family is having lots of fun. Untill it all changes. 

What will happen?

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CaptainSwan1105 CaptainSwan1105 May 22, 2017
You know there's supposed to be 7 people in the work who look like you. 7 Ezra's, 7 Caleb's, 7 Toby's, 7 Mike's.
                              WE. WILL. FIND. YOU.
- - Sep 26, 2016
When I was on my cruise. I spilt my food every where. A waiter came to me and asked if he could carry my food for me 😂😂 embarrassing or what
AmberSteege AmberSteege Nov 13, 2016
I'm in love with this book and it's only the first chapter 😍😍😍
trikxva trikxva Mar 05, 2016
I'm actually reading this for the second time and the last time I red this book I was laughing and crying all the time. I love it😍
UTotallyLufOreos UTotallyLufOreos Jan 12, 2016
Period......PEriod.......PERiod.....PERIod......PERIOd....... Mothafcking PERIOD!!! HADAHAHAHHAGAA