Animals {Frerard}

Animals {Frerard}

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Rosie By mychemicalaccount Updated Jan 01

Frank's life changed forever when he was 22 years old. And it will never be the same again.

Two unbelievable, inexplicable events occured, driving off any normalicy in Frank's life. One good. One bad. But both of them crazy. Insane. 

Firstly a mysterious, morbid string of murders occured in Frank's town, just metres from his house. The victims were mutilated, slits cut along their bodies. The area fell into panic, the press labelling the serial killer as 'America's Ripper'.

The second crazy thing was less of a thing, and more of a person. Gerard Way. An abnormally charming, strangly confident outcast that made it his duty to befriend Frank. But Frank has never met anyone like Gerard, and he starts to fall for him.

Together, the two of them must face the menace that haunts the neighborhood, and find out if their relationship will break or hold strong.

"Fire tests gold"

((Trigger warnings: Swearing, mild violence/gore))

guilt-trippin guilt-trippin May 01, 2016
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