single dad's club (peterick/trohley/brallon/rikey/frerard)

single dad's club (peterick/trohley/brallon/rikey/frerard)

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"I love my life. Okay, that's a lie. At age thirty-six, I'm not settled down with my wife or making a good living.."

peterick au

ft. trohley, brallon, rikey, & frerard

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I expected bandits dad (Gerard I’m pretty sure) to be a stripper XD idk why but that’s what I thought
“theyre both like, two feet tall” me talking abt my friends
blaroabd blaroabd Dec 28, 2017
"I love my life........ Okay, that's a lie." ~Pete Wentz aka Me
??? What??? Why are they be punished??? It was their kids not them???
capri-emo capri-emo Apr 15
Sorry how is a man pregnant don't wanna be rude just didn't know it was possible