Airplane - BTS Suga x Reader #Wattys2016

Airplane - BTS Suga x Reader #Wattys2016

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You were in the States for holidays. You knew BTS held a concert but you couldn't attend it, unfortunately.

You just got into the airplane on your way home and sat down on the seat next to the window. You let out a sigh, it was late already and you were tired.
Suddenly, someone sat down next to you; you didn't pay much attention to him. He smiled a bit and literally fell into his seat.
"Hyung, give me the water, please", said the boy who received the asked bottle after a few seconds. Then you looked at him, and your jaw almost dropped.

It was BTS' rapper, the guy with green hair, your bias, Yoongi, Suga, who sat next to you.
He drank his water and you tired not to stare at him. It was just too surreal to believe it. You even hit yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming.

Okay, just play it cool. Pretend it's not your bias next to you. You can do this.

The machine then started and you wanted to turn on some music when you stopped. 


Yeah relatable, like who doesn't casually find a bts member in an airplane. Puff
ImJeonCena ImJeonCena Nov 26
How about I just jump out of the plane...right after I get an autograph
Yea smooth, when u sitting alongside with yoongi and randomly decid to hit urself cus why not. This fan fiction is literally so relatable gosh
ImJeonCena ImJeonCena Nov 26
U-uh, i-i can't b-breath as of r-right now. 
When jimin is your bias...
                              I should be reading a Park Jimin ff.. Whoops!
sesesehuuun sesesehuuun Nov 23
i'd scream if im in a crowd with the whole bts group and armys but i'd faint when i talk to one of the members