Mated To The Alpha

Mated To The Alpha

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Amber By AnimeLovingTimeLord Completed

Skylar Collins, a sixteen year old werewolf, is tired of her life. Tired of the constant abuse she gets from her 'guardian', the mocking and bullying she receives at school. One night, she decides to leave. A life of isolation is all she's ever really wanted, and, now, she can finally get her dream.

Or can she...?

Shane Avery, a sadistic nineteen year old has just stepped up as the new Alpha for his pack; The Howlers. Haunted by the actions of his past, a mate is the last thing he wants, so what happens when, upon hunting, he stumbles across the one she-wolf he is destined to spend his life with?

Very good, but just a little lost with the Alex/Shane identities..
I would of ran faster and shifted mid run. Be like gotta Zayn