(Vampire) Tangled In His Web

(Vampire) Tangled In His Web

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Anonymus By OnyxKnightShade5691 Updated Sep 25

I pressed my body up against the metal bars and a released a shiver.

'I-I want out of here.'

'I'm scared...'

I chanted mentally.

There aren't any lights on, only the comfort of the dark surrounds me.

"Please, someone please... Let me out!" I cried out pitifully and pressed my body even closer to the bars.

'I don't know how long I've been in here... Days? Weeks? Months? Or has it been only a few minutes?'

I suddenly felt the bars that I had been leaning against move forward, instinctively I jumped backwards and let out a shriek. I felt a rough hand grab me by my under arm, another scream left my lips and I slapped at whoever's hand was on me.

"Shut the f*ck up, you worthless b*tch." A male voice bellowed and he shoved three fingers into my mouth. He pressed his lips close to my ear and whispered,

"Unless you want something else being shoved down your throat, I suggest you keep resisting." He blew into my ear seductively as he grabbed my arm again, this time rougher. I bit down on my lips holding back the rage that bubbled in my chest, as he dragged me from my cell and into the oblivious darkness. 


A bright light caused me to shrink away and cover my non-adjusted eyes, the man grabbed my shoulder's and shoved me inside. I flipped around and I ran back towards the door and tried prying my way past the man that stood before me blocking my path.

'I need to get out of here!'

The man grabbed my face and let out a dark chuckle as he threw my body back into the room like a used rag-doll.

"He is going to love f*cking you, you thirsty wrench."

With one sinister grin directed to me, he slammed my new cell shut. I heard it automatically shut and I curled up into a ball and pressed my face against the wall as tears began free falling.

I began day dreaming to stop myself from this useless crying. I dreamed of a place anywhere, but where I was.


~OnyxKnightShade5691~ <3

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