Mikey's Becoming Bad

Mikey's Becoming Bad

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[Ongoing + Irregular Updates]

Rebecca and Jenna had a pact to no dating. But, Rebecca had - unintentionally - found a man, who she loved deeply: Alec. Rebecca didn't want to tell her though, so they needed a plan in order to allow that pact to be broken, without Rebecca losing her best friend.

So, plan 'get-Jenna-to-agree-to-date-Mikey-for-a-while (name is still in progress, give us a break)' was born. The clue is in the title, really. It wasn't rocket science, although its side effects did make it seem as if it were.

WOW. That was a whole lot of stuff to think about in just three or more paragraphs.
For the longest time I though it was nonfictionISM rather then nonfictionSIM and I feel really stupid now😂
Thanks so much for the dedication @nonfictionsim! I appreciate it. (•ᴗ•)❤
dejanyah dejanyah Jun 15
I wouldn't be one to judge since I don't have one but.... WHY?
HridaAnsari HridaAnsari Aug 04
I didn't cut my wrists or anything 
                              All I did was scratch my arms my legs until they were red and even my face pulled at my hair and cried every day in the shower
CeleneLi CeleneLi Jul 30
I really like how positive and supportive you are to the people who do have the urge to do these things by putting these notes in front of your novels <3 #NoMoreScars