Inviting Temptation

Inviting Temptation

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ᎠᏘLᏘIᏁᏘ RᏋᏁᏋᏋ By dalainasdreams Completed

Ashton Maxford, was the son of a billionaire. He's spoiled, arrogant and used to getting whatever he wants. From cars to women he has his pick. His father sends him after a daughter of another wealthy man, whom his father wants her fathers company.  Can he get her to marry him? It will help his fathers business if he lands this woman into his bed. Can he seal this deal without her knowing it's a plot to go after her fathers money?

Violet Harris, is definitely wealthy as well as used to the finer things in life thanks to her father spoiling her. She's no stranger to heartache. She's used to men chasing her. For her looks as well as her money. She knows just why Ashton Maxford has set his sights on her. Can she win in this cat and mouse game? Or will she lose her heart in a deadly gamble with love, lust, and desire?

• Copyright @dalainarenee 2015 to 2016, & no parts of this book maybe copied in anyway. 

•Warning: Sexual scenes. 

• Undergoing Editing 

• Must be 18 or older to read. Edit in progress read at your own risk! Enjoy! 

• Happy Reading!

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rohitthecarguy rohitthecarguy Mar 20, 2016
It was a good story, kudos to the author. It's not Fifty Shades of grey but it was a compelling read
Xxlunax2 Xxlunax2 Dec 29, 2016
I feel like I will enjoy this story very much, from reading what it's about, it'll be good. I love  drama, romance, comedy, anything that this story might have, I'll read it. I'm giving it shot, :)
Crazy_fandom_girl Crazy_fandom_girl Mar 06, 2016
Okay first off I just want to say that this cover photo is hot af and also, I have a feeling this story is gonna be great
- - Jan 14, 2016
Good staring point! It didn't give too much away but it left me wanting to read what happens. Good job :)
DouglasReed9 DouglasReed9 Jan 04, 2016
I really like the sound of this plot I hope @wattpad adds this in their reading list or @Romance
softballdouble2 softballdouble2 Jan 02, 2016
Great start. Most of the books just go into the story and don't take time to explain what's going on and I usually get lost XD but u took the time to explain the situation and the characters. I personally, am a coma freak so I would say more comas