PERTEMIS 3 (Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Five Armies) ✅

PERTEMIS 3 (Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Five Armies) ✅

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🕊Blood & Roses 🥀 By Adaminus_de_Laserose Completed

"....From now on, I declare war on Olympus!"

Being betrayed again by Zeus. Percy can't hold him back anymore that finally he says his words. 

Will he able to defeat Zeus with the support of Artemis and his friends? Who will appear this time? Will Percy and Artemis have a happy ending? All in this new book: PERTEMIS III (Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Five Armies)

*warning: there's still grammar mistakes, read if you dare. 

There're Lemons in this book so just be sure before reading it. 

*Recommendation: Read the first book Pertemis (Percy Jackson the God of Time) and the second book PERTEMIS II ( Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus) before you read this book.

(Completed story)

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- - Apr 14, 2016
Love vampires and werewolves nooooo... twilight stuff ur a great author so it will be a success in no time I support u
Lord_Khaos Lord_Khaos Jul 15, 2016
Hey everyone pls checkout my fanfic it's called the prince of Tartarus and it's a pertemis storu
Saturday_10 Saturday_10 Apr 19, 2016
Pls have another book!! Ur so good with pertemis!!! This is the best!!!
chickenugetsv2 chickenugetsv2 Dec 17, 2015
Plz update soon. Ty. I know this will be just as good as the other two
JohnfreemanFreeman JohnfreemanFreeman Dec 17, 2015
I'm not gonna stop reading till I see some Pertababies! LOL :)
jokerjokes jokerjokes Dec 16, 2015
plz I beg you to finish the story ive loved reading the rest of the series. even though ik you might have done it anyways I just wanted to show how much I love the series so far.