Red  •Adopted By Ashton Irwin• ✖️

Red •Adopted By Ashton Irwin• ✖️

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@Ive_Had_A_Midnight_Memory: @Ashton5SOS thank you

@Ashton5SOS: @Ive_Had_A_Midnight_Memory you're welcome. for what ?

@Ive_Had_A_Midnight_Memory: @Ashton5SOS thank you

@Ashton5SOS: @Ive_Had_A_Midnight_Memory your username scares me. are you okay ?


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Strong language

FYI: I kind of like Arzaylea, sort of. I'm still debating. But, I need her to be a bitch in the book for specific reasons that will be told later on in the book. Sorry to all Arzie fans. No hate, K? 

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What is life?!?! My name is Red and I have been in love with the name Jax for a kid or cousin since I can remember....why is this story so similar to me?? I love it btw it's amazing so far!! -Red
This literally is my life. Besides the abuse, I get yelled at and hit sometimes and the only thing that makes me happy is them.
Can I just say how much I love the background picture for the media? Hockey is my love. Sorry, I'm Canadian...
no hate, but thanks for actually saying this cause I like arz and I just get rlly bitchy and fired up when ppl talk bad about like leave her be!
directionerdaydreams directionerdaydreams Dec 19, 2015
I love it so far but like I have to do it.. MIDNIGHT MEMORIES OH OH OH!!!! Haha I'm sorry but I had to.. :p