Keeping the bad boy from my 7 brothers...not fun!

Keeping the bad boy from my 7 brothers...not fun!

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Nicole Henderson By NicoleRHenderson Updated Jul 12

As you could guess hiding the bad boy from my 7 over protective brothers and my dad isn't all. By the way the names Maddie Harris and I'm 17 and about to start senior year but sadly at a new school because I got kicked out because having a big ass fight annnddddd for doing heaps of pranks and being a nusense to the teachers and that but ya know.

Then there's my brothers so my oldest brother is Kyle and he's 22 and he's in college along with Cameron  he's 20. Then at my old school I have Tyler and Tristan there 18 and were held down a year so they were also seniors, then my twin Calum who as you can guess is also 17and in senior year sadly staying at my old school as well. Then Jackson who's 16 and is a junior and Aaron who's a sophomore and is 15. 

And lastly Hayden fisher. The bad boy......the one I'm hiding from my brothers. But it's not what you think I don't like him..... And he definitely doesn't like me. He's the bad boy and I'm the bad girl, he's in my grade and we're not really friends well we are. We hang out and.....well we've got more of a friends with benefits thing going on and I can't have my brothers finding out because well there over protective and they don't even like a guy glancing at me let alone friends with benefits.

And I do keep it a secret from them until the day my brothers caught him sneaking out when they came home earlier then they said........

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I would 100% be best friends with her because of her taste in music🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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Worst schedule ever not the best way to end the day don't u think?
Omg the dance moves on there. My friend at school did it and she bashed her knees hard on the groybd
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Gawwwd i swear I am the only one who hasn't seen it. 😂😥
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That wasn't TBH I feel like most wattpad authors have never spoken to men before