The Mistake

The Mistake

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Jonah Lewis Chambers, a multi-billion dollar CEO, has only one objective on his mind - REVENGE.

Mindy Ivory Young, your average hardworking, innocent and feisty woman falls prey to his revenge.

When a mistake causes Jonah to seek revenge against Mindy and her family to the point of even kidnapping her, he never expected the plan to backfire on him causing him to create even more mistakes. He doesn't know when it happen but he has fallen hard for the girl. Will he ever be able to see past all the hate and revenge? And will she ever be able to forgive him?


Jonah wasn't going to stop. He was enjoying himself too much. Mindy shuts her eyes tightly and her body tense readying herself for his kiss. He smiled at her actions before ever so lightly placing a kiss on her soft cheek closing his eyes as well. 

A less than appropriate sigh escape from Mindy's mouth. Jonah's eyes snaps open. He lets go of her and shoves her aside. "Hurry and come out!" Then he storms out of the room not looking back.
Mindy clutches her towel to her chest breathing heavily. She was so confused as to what just happen. She slowly takes her left hand and touch her cheek where he had kiss so gently. The feeling was still there. That kiss was not of an ogre, but of a prince to his princess. Why would he had kiss her like that? Still confuse she tries her best to forget the thought as she dresses. 

**Book 1 in Kidnapped Series**

FYI: Mild laugange and sexual contents throughout.

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genericreader1 genericreader1 Aug 17, 2017
Story must be nice to get a reaction like that from poonam0306198jain. Still has to read it though....
SophiaSuoh SophiaSuoh Sep 08, 2016
Can you update be mine again ?!!!!!!! Pls. Im the type of person who cant wait on what happens next in the story
DoveReign DoveReign Jun 03, 2016
Whoever reads this - guys, this book is freaking awesome. I love it so far. It's not even cliché. It's beautiful! :")
Dee-Dee777 Dee-Dee777 Apr 25, 2016
U will reach very far just continue writing Ok <3 number 1 fan this is now ma favorite book <3
Dee-Dee777 Dee-Dee777 Apr 25, 2016
I think u were born to be a writer u are that good trust me love your work i hope u finish writing soon don't keep us in suspense for too long
chatt3rb0x chatt3rb0x Apr 19, 2016
Okay, this is a great start - you set up your characters and gave a little background which was nice. I'm intrigued by the creepy paragraph at the end; I judged this story as an entirely different genre - so this is a nice, refreshing surprise!