Joke's on you // larry + ziam

Joke's on you // larry + ziam

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not samantha By versatilestyles Updated Oct 18, 2016

"Nuh-uh-uh B-Man," a voice tuts behind Liam and his ears may be ringing, but he can faintly make out the sounds of Harley Quinn's thick accent. Suddenly, Liam's hand is being stepped on by a heavy black combat boot that's covered in buckles, which causes him to fall uselessly to the ground.

He looks up slowly, head feeling heavy and skin scraping uncomfortably on the carpet. He visions' going in an out as he blinks slow like syrup. He can only get his head up high enough to see fishnet stockings. So it was a trap.

The next things he sees is a wooden bat placed by the boy's feet.

"Mistah' Jay doesn't want you to get up just yet," Harley giggles, the pronunciation of the name sounding off because of his accent. The bat moves out of Liam's vision, the last thing he can see are the words 'Good Night' in red letters before there's a siring pain in the side of his head and his vision completely connects the black spots that were dancing before his eyes and turning everything completely dark. The last thing he can hear is that annoying giggle that accompanies Harley everywhere.

or an au where Louis, under the alias: Harley Quinn, escapes from Arkham Asylum after being caught trying to help the man he loves escape. He then goes after him, soliciting help from an old friend by the name of Harry or Poison Ivy, who's also imprisoned with him. Together, they keep Gotham City on its toes as two of the most wanted super villains, surpassing the Joker, with superheros ready to take them down in the blink of an eye. Featuring Liam Payne as batman, who fraternizes with some of the sexiest figures in Gotham, all the while trying to save the world.

"They walk in like undercover lovers and leave with the loot, but too bad Harley's already stolen Poison Ivy's heart." 

[joker edit on the cover by @mapshirts (or louislovestea) on tumblr]

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Midnight_Reiz Midnight_Reiz Mar 30, 2017
Wait like... Harley and Poison Ivy are in a realtionship and not Harley and Joker,rightt??
@-TheActualLucifer- even tho you’re comment was reported it made me laugh 😆😆😆
notperfect556 notperfect556 Feb 04, 2017
The cover makes me want to sing the laughing version to 'what makes you beautiful'
freddieson freddieson Sep 12, 2016
danielle just posted a photo and i got distracted so here i am 5 hours later😆👍