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Kakashi's daughter (naruto fanfiction)

Kakashi's daughter (naruto fanfiction)

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Caladmir19 By Caladmir19 Updated Aug 29, 2013


Clan Prodigy/ Chaos Host

Name: Rikku Hatake - Rikku Koukon

Age: 13

Mother: Reina Koukon

Father: Kakashi Hatake

Kekkei Genkai: Koukon Clan's (No name)

Clan: Koukon Clan

Village: Land of Shadows

The Koukon clan lived in the Land of Shadows. 

They had something like the Koukon compound. 

They had training grounds, houses and a school. 

Only the Koukon Clan were allowed inside the compound. 

Anyone who weren't apart of the Koukon Clan was killed, or escorted out.

They were very strict. The only friends you had were the ones inside the Clan Compound. 

The compound was big, you could consider it a village.

Only few were allowed to exit, but they were only out to get water, food, supplies. 

The Koukon Clan's Kekkei Genkai/ Clan Abilities. 

•Kuroi Konton(Chaos Eyes) - Both eyes go dark purple. Can be used to see in the dark, and can see chakra pathways. It can give you the ability to see into the future for periods of time, it allows you to know an enemies move before the...

Gai: well kakashi this is one battle you win
                              Kakashi: wait what?
                              Gai: 😏😏😏
kaiwi1 kaiwi1 May 15
Just no comment,didn't deny it AND changed the subject clap your hands for the.....
                              called a pervert kakashi!!*claps sarcastically*
TheBoredFangirl TheBoredFangirl Jul 02, 2016
It's pretty cool how the clan heads a lady- normally noble clans are sexist af
duarteevelyn11 duarteevelyn11 Nov 23, 2016
Kakashi: *pushes daughter thru door* Ok that's it now run along now Goodnight!!! *runs back to couch* *jumps onto couch* 'thoughts: Gotta get back to my porn!!! :)'
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Nov 21, 2016
ɢuєss sһє'ʟʟ ɞє sıňɢıňɢ ıň ţһє ňєѧя ғuţuяє
JessIsAMess75 JessIsAMess75 Jul 18, 2016
When:13 years ago.Why:Horny/Drunk.How:So we're having the 'talk' now aren't we?