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Best friends since high school

Best friends since high school

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_datgirlbre_ By Oakheartfan1 Completed

I watch the videos Max and I would make together just for fun. I laugh softly, holding my phone out in front of me as tears pool up in my eyes. I miss him.. So much.. "No!! Max!!" My voice screams over the phone. I laugh again. He'd always pick me up by my legs and run me around. I still remember how we met.. He'd always been the guy to do the right thing. He was walking down the freshman hall- he was a junior and saw me being bullied. He defended me from that day on and.. I think I fell for him. But now he's famous. He makes videos with Adam. I'll never see or talk to him again.. 


Cassandra Rose, 17 years old. She used to be best friends with Max- when he lived in Louisiana. He moved to Seattle, met Adam, became one of his editors, and now makes videos with him. She thinks she'll never see him again but when she sees he's back in Louisiana for vacation.. She knows she has to see him.

WolfiePrince WolfiePrince Mar 27, 2016
Wow..... I'm in Seattle..... at IHop.... Drinking hot coco with whip cream....
Marion_Cipher Marion_Cipher Aug 12, 2016
Max: no buts Mar..
                              Me: then we better find a doc that gets rid of butts..
                              Max: pffft...I missed your jokes X3
                              Me: AND I MISSED YOUR LIPS!!
                              Max: 0//_\\0...did I really just get a boner..
                              Me: WTF
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Jun 24, 2016
Soooooooo, how old is Cass supposed to be, because of they went to high school together than that means that she has to be at the most 4 years younger than him.
JoshDiddlyDunIt_ JoshDiddlyDunIt_ Mar 29, 2016
Umm YEA it fine I don't have to be with max when I got Michael (Red)
Marion_Cipher Marion_Cipher Aug 12, 2016
I just noticed that my name has Mario in it.... (so off topic)
SomebodysSin SomebodysSin Apr 04, 2016
"21" sorry it just reminded me of that thing a friend showed me and I forgot for a bit than remembered