Ephemeral  ▷ Teen Wolf + Percy Jackson

Ephemeral ▷ Teen Wolf + Percy Jackson

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Grace Adelaide By gracexadeee Updated Dec 17, 2017

Following a deadly trail of monsters, Percy and Annabeth stumbled upon a small town where even the Gods could not enter. Swallowing the fear, the pair enter the town, not realising their lives were about to change forever...
    Scott was worried, the new monsters he and his pack were fighting more and more often weren't his average monster. What were they and why were they in Beacon Hills? I mean, it's not often you see a fully grown cyclops.  

    Percy Jackson and Teen Wolf crossover. Not your average story.

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namrifaniram namrifaniram May 21, 2016
Kind of like the Alaska thing, not that that's a bad thing. Good job! (::)
                              Blue cookies!
SilverW0lf22 SilverW0lf22 Mar 03, 2016
No offense or anything, but nice job getting on with the story. It's not like it's been two months or anything.
animenerdi animenerdi Mar 20, 2016
                              Great update, can't wait for the story to getta rollin'!