The Imperious Bodyguard

The Imperious Bodyguard

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Behind Valerie's smile was a secret wanted to burry six feet under but she can't. She had a memory in the past that she could not remember anymore and it made her feel incomplete.

Until one day, she accidentally met the hottest man alive on Earth. He was no other than CARLIE LANE who became her bodyguard 24/7 for a nonsense reason.

He was an arrogant mysterious jerk who had secrets too. Behind his handsome face, was a predator who was looking for his prey, because Carlie Lane was seeking vengeance of his brother's death four years ago.

The beast inside him will surely awake him once he found the killer, and that scared Valerie who was already deeply in love with Carlie.

Would they found their missing piece with the help of each other?

Or would destiny itself bring them to find it?

Cover Designed By: @NocturnalBeast

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A/N: Completed (March 24, 2016).

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