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[COMPLETED] Across all nations, only one kingdom stood greater and stronger than the others. The kingdom of Adaresa. The king of Adaresa, King Marlan, was able to ally with two smaller yet some of the greatest kingdoms; Caderis and Mirari. The joining of these lands and kingdoms are what made them rise above the rest. 

King Marlan, was dying of old age and had no children of his own to be his heir. He wanted either the children of the Lord of Caderis or those of the Lord of Mirari to be his heirs. The Lord of Caderis had two sons while the king of Mirari had two daughters. The strive for King Adarlan's favor caused tension and great rivalry between the two lands. The eldest of the two families were expected to hold the title of either King or Queen, they were both focused more on education and politics. The younger of the two families were expected to be leaders of their army; they were trained in the area or strategy and combat. 

When rumor of a growing kingdom catches their attention, the king sends his prodigies to figure out what was going on. Similar interests push them into working with each other instead of fighting to help their kingdom. Well... almost stop fighting.


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WrenByrnwolf WrenByrnwolf Jul 25, 2017
I like how your introductions always have a good hook. It is what really got me into your books.
WrenByrnwolf WrenByrnwolf Jul 25, 2017
And now the two grandmasters are going to fall in love and the two future rulers will fall in love.
Hissince2013 Hissince2013 Apr 11, 2017
I'm loving the female character rn. They're awesome. As for thr males, they are annoying me. Nice job on their personalities though.
luvgodhearts luvgodhearts Jul 08, 2017
this is so interesting such a great start I'm glad it doesn't drag on the introductions!
WrenByrnwolf WrenByrnwolf Jul 25, 2017
That should be cease over time. You wrote it as in it would grab or take over time.
nancy2767 nancy2767 Dec 03, 2018
The feminist jumped out of me real quick, excuse while I pull it back in. Yes! I am aware he is only a fictional character