Hunted (Yandere Hunter X Reader)

Hunted (Yandere Hunter X Reader)

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Miss Unfortunate By HatredOfDesire Completed

"I didn't expect you to fall so easily. I thought maybe a game would last us both." His devil looking eyes stared back at her. "Then again, it is you..." She stared back at him, completely offended by his rude choice of words. "I didn't think you could catch up to me, then again it's you." She retorted causing him to laugh. 

"Funny, I like it. That's why I gave you a little test [Y/n]. Are you ready for the second and final test?" He smiled gently, if she had not known him for these 3 short weeks, she would have thought he was playing her, a joke. "This isn't funny Adrien, this isn't a game!" She hissed as he leaned against the balcony with a sly look in his eyes.

"Then let me choose a real game. You are the prey and I am the predator. If I hunt you down, you're MINE."

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RandomGirl9898 RandomGirl9898 Apr 24, 2017
I love how It said voice, I see a Disney  reference all the way.
Pheenakism Pheenakism Apr 10, 2017
How tf can my voice belong to someone, unless...GASPS YOU'RE URSULA
Crying-Fire Crying-Fire Dec 11, 2017
Boy, I know I'm fabulous. No need to make me brag. *cue the extremely horrible and cheesy hair flip*
He could have just said hey let’s go on a date or something nah he avoided all that 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love this already
GF_MLP_CP-fo-life GF_MLP_CP-fo-life Aug 21, 2016
Yea I know I'm like totally better than gold or wealth but I'm good
LeLaMortRabbitGirl LeLaMortRabbitGirl Oct 28, 2016
I absolutely love nature. I want to hick across America, selling pot, smoking pot, hunting, adoring the seasons, camping. I AM THR NEXT ALEXANDER SUPERTRAMP.😍😍😍