Stealing His Heart (editing)

Stealing His Heart (editing)

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amber By amberxgrace Updated Jun 13

(i highly recommend not reading this piece of trash until i'm done editing it.)

A story in which the infamous heartbreaker falls for a girl whose heart is already broken. 


He was popular, cruel, egotistical, and more. Yet, for some reason everyone loved Nathan Archer. Going from girl to girl, breaking heart after heart; nothing and nobody mattered to him. 

That was until he met Maya Baker. She was just trying to escape her corrupt past by moving in with her aunt and cousin, who happened to be Nathan's best friend. 

The more time Nathan and Maya spend together, the more the undeniable attraction turns into something more. Something neither one of them can escape from.

Warning: This book sucks and I am very aware that the book title sounds like a 2010 pop song that would get played on Disney Channel. Honestly, don't read this book unless you wanna cringe up until like chapter 25. (I even made her wear crocs once. CROCS.)

ViennaXo ViennaXo Aug 17
I woulda flipped shít. I can't explain how angry I am that he did this. Like seriousky, I'm so pissed !!!!!
hiitsmeella hiitsmeella Jun 27
lol British but I'm in top set for everything so that's  a thing...
Helllloooo..even tho I just finished reading allll the chapters of this book a day ago...I'm re reading it.
                              Because this book is so good?
cutiepop206 cutiepop206 Jul 10
Ha, if I tried to make an exit like that, I'd probably fall or some śhit😂
-moontight -moontight Aug 08
princess reminds me of the pizza story thingy MY FAV BOOK BRB LEMME SEE WHAT THE TITLE IS [ aka 1 year later cuz i'm lazy as fuckkk ]