It Started With A Single Kiss (BoyxBoy)

It Started With A Single Kiss (BoyxBoy)

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The_Schooled_Furry By The_Schooled_Furry Completed

Its a furry story basically between me and my boyfriend! Although I will be making different names for us to hide identity. I will be using my fursona named Maxy. This is my first story so if people couldnt put hate in the comments, that'd be awesome. Some compliments would help me want to continue! I love wattpad and want to know it as a place to read, not a place where people hate my stories.

Maxy is a 14 year old who is struggling with his feelings, obviously with being gay. He has heard his parents speaking about how they hate gays, that just makes maxy even more on edge. He is also very shy around people. He then meets a boy named Boxy. Boxy becomes a good friend to him and they share many happy moments! Maxy then begins developing feelings for him, how will that go...

Maxy has pale blue eyes and a calico styled fur. He is a mixed breed of a wolf and a dog breed. His tail is black, grey, and white.

OKAY, this may seem stupid, but please stick with me on this one?

_FoxnToast_ _FoxnToast_ Apr 12, 2016
Lmao I'm part of the furry fandom and my room is exactly like what you described in this story :>
flutturshy flutturshy Jun 28, 2016
the story is realy good at least so far i hope it stays this way 
                              but anyways good job
The_Schooled_Furry The_Schooled_Furry Apr 27, 2016
I have a new one that has a first chapter already updated since this one was discontinued
_FoxnToast_ _FoxnToast_ Apr 12, 2016
I love three day grace and to find it actually kinda funny, my name is grace
GlowStick_Wonderland GlowStick_Wonderland Apr 27, 2016
Omg, that's an amazing song! Definitely one of my favorites by them. ^w^
Rooka_CloudedLeopard Rooka_CloudedLeopard Aug 07, 2016
I love how all of these comments are about that one detail. Love your story atm.