Double Trouble

Double Trouble

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Satan's Child By Lava98 Updated Mar 26

It was decided by grandmother to take Tamaki away when he was old enough to leave for Japan, so he could eventually take over the family business. She picked him because I'm a girl, and boys are more capable than girls, at least from grandmother's perspective; even though she's a girl herself. I was to stay with my mother. There's a saying that says if you separate twins bad things will happen. So far nothing bad has happened, but that doesn't mean it won't.

My name is Tamako Suoh. I'm Tamaki's older twin sister. I'm also known as the runway Angel of Victoria's Secret. Modeling is now going to be done over breaks off school or when I feel like it.

I'm on my way to Ouran Academy right now. I wonder if my little brother will recognize me after all these years? Who knew that his best friend would be so determined to find out my secrets?

Mature for language. Very minimal language though.
Cover by @Joy__Joy

Started/Posted: March 28, 2016
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Kyoya x Tamaki's twin

Wolfy_Witch Wolfy_Witch Jul 22
Same x3
                              If there isn't an emo corner in the classroom, I'm in the wrong class.
                              Hence why I never need a schedule.
Author chan should had said Tamaki for the personality part XD
Bellew0lf Bellew0lf Aug 09
My dad burnt kraft dinner when I was a kid it was hilarious!
U were so cloose,y full name is Esteban Julio Rickardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez
Ommiful Ommiful Mar 27
I wanna write one of those and say the reason she had that scar was because she simply fell over.
I don't know if I should appreciate this or be offended by this