Athena | New Olympians #1

Athena | New Olympians #1

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Talia Archer By TaliaArcher Updated Jun 01

Hades has one task; find a new Athena. After Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite converted to stage two of the power cycle and embraced Rome as their new homes, Zeus has ordered three Olympians under his command to find three new women to fill the empty Olympian seats. With Athena being gone the longest, the prospect of peacekeeping during war is falling compared to Ares' recklessness in battle.

Unfortunately, finding a new Athena meant taking Melissa out of her life on the Earth's surface and introducing her to the Underworld. Not that she's complaining or anything.

*REALLY SLOW UPDATES* A/N: This is a side project. Other stories will be taking up most of my time!

I already think I'm going to like this! Greek myths remind me of Percy Jackson, and anything like Percy Jackson is probably awesome, haha! :)
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Is she PMsing? She sounds like me when I am PMSing. Except I would steal the oreos.😂  @bepositivealex92
I love that they are actually having a fight over Oreos 😂
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DO I GET ANother thanks for pressing that vote and commenting? 
                              haha, I'm just kidding. JKJKJKJK
Okay, after seeing how Melissa reacts to Oreos, I have realised that my addiction is only a minor one! Still, I can't help defending them - I don't know anyone else who likes them! I feel like I'm alone on the Island of Oreo!!
I have to admit that I only recently tried Oreos...and now I'm addicted! They're so, so, SO good!!