Blue is my favourite color (Human!Will Cipher X Reader)

Blue is my favourite color (Human!Will Cipher X Reader)

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Celine By fandomcrazyguuurl Updated Nov 06

This is a Reverse Falls fanfiction

You're a normal girl living a normal life and you decide to spend your summer vacation in Reverse Falls.Who knows what will happen?
Read to find out 

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Sam and Dean Winchesters (Castiel , Gabriel,& more)
TacoBoat TacoBoat Jul 09
I keep forgetting to put in my name is I keep saying ya-nay whenever I see (y/n)
adipidada adipidada May 21
Mom: what did you just say. ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一
                              Me: IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT!!!!!!
I like the story so far :) It's awesome 'Even though my fave color is red'
Ya just leave the mom there all that luggage was dad's anyway
*gasp!* what kind of character am I playing as in this book?! Glaring at adults... Who does my character think she is?!