A Kiss of Sin

A Kiss of Sin

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JLT By Darkstar5 Updated Jul 17, 2017

❝Temptation and Lust, will be his downfall if he drowns in his yearning love.❞

[Warning: Mature Content & Private Chapters]

I have fallen in love with my younger sister...and, I won't regret the sins I will have to commit to have her. For me alone. 

The determined thought melted into his mind, and shook him with need. His desires had manifested throughout the past agonizing years, and along with them his feelings grew for her. He wanted to make her his, and he would take the risk of breaking this whole family if that's all it took...to have her.

He would do anything...just for her.

A/N: I'm in the process of slowly editing this and adding a few more scenes to past chapters, for this week until the next update.

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AlternativeFeminist AlternativeFeminist Aug 02, 2016
My guess is that she is adopted so when she in her brother fall in 'love' it well be all peaches and cream.
mxghvn mxghvn Oct 22, 2016
i thought she was adopted since her parents died? or maybe im just trippin
pulis57 pulis57 Jun 04, 2016
Yeah they said siblings should share rooms so the can be closer more when grow up
chrysolite29 chrysolite29 Jul 03, 2016
I love this story so much!!!! It kinda reminds me of the manga.... I love my younger sister...
kbaes247 kbaes247 Dec 11, 2016
School starts in like 30min..... Are these people related to the flash? Cause it takes me 30min just to put one leg through my jeans in the morning and they have time to get ready AND make a full breakfast???
iilubstories iilubstories Dec 15, 2015
eh hem eh hem, *at McDonald's* um can I have a purples thing that's kind of twitches and slurs, and it can also make noises like farts,
                              Thank you
                              *lady at register* Wat the fack is wrong with you, last time you ordered a life sized man made out of fries,