Mirrors | Malum

Mirrors | Malum

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"Look in the mirror Calum, you're beautiful, and everything that's beautiful is mine."

"I don't belong to you." 

~ In which Michael Clifford never has trouble getting anything he wants, except for the insecure shy boy who hates looking in the mirror.

Side of Lashton.

• Started December 20th, 2015 •

• Completed June 22nd, 2016 •

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NO. MIKEY. WHAT THE FÛCK NUTS WERE YOU THINKING. Jesus please tell me I read that wrong
Never say that (whats the worst that could happen) something bad always happens when you say that
-haleynicole- -haleynicole- Dec 12, 2017
Last year I developed a crush on a guy and I don't even know his name and I still don't LMAOOO
Fandom_Boom18 Fandom_Boom18 Sep 04, 2017
I want to say this is me, but..... My Asian of a parent wouldn't even let me have a B.....lol help me
Fandom_Boom18 Fandom_Boom18 Sep 04, 2017
I'm the complete opposite of this..... Colorful as can be yet my art is either has little to no color or completely black and white
LashtonCausesMyDeath LashtonCausesMyDeath Sep 07, 2017
This is me with my crush, and now I learned his name... DAN BABY I'M COMING