Her touchdowns

Her touchdowns

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Bubblegumklutz By awkwxrdcookie Updated Mar 13

"She can't tryout coach, she's a...girl."

"Hello, standing right here. And girls can play football too you know."

Alison sanders is your classic tomboy. She never wears dresses or make up and loves sports. What can you expect from a girl who has 5 brothers? But her all time favorite sport is football. She loves the competition and finally gets the courage to try out for her schools team, even though her brothers tell her countless times that it's to risky and that she could get hurt. Not to mention a sexist egotistical jerk gets in the way as well. The champions of football at her school teach their sister to be a pro but ban her from playing it all because of one incident? But this is her dream, will she go after it?

Disclaimer : Not completely about football

arts-y arts-y Mar 14
Boi I would wreck all of them, I've been playing Basketball since I was I was 3..
lmao i was looking up these people to see what they look like and i looked up Cameron Taylor instead of Logan Lerman and i got so confused when a whole tone of random people came up
am i the only one who read threw the whole cast and looked up to see what they looked like?
LaLaHatter LaLaHatter Jun 09
And we all have had those few in at least one our classes😐👀
_Streaks_ _Streaks_ Jan 01
I literally silent screamed for 5 minutes when I saw Ross lynch
Hoe I'm a cheerleader and i wear long sleeve shirts and jeans and sjit