Get Out (Marshall Lee X Reader)

Get Out (Marshall Lee X Reader)

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ᴱᴰᴱᴺ By __httpcovers Updated May 06

So, my friend wanted me to do a Marshall Lee x reader thing. Soooooo here it is, I guess. 


"I'm tired of everyone thinking they can depend on me when I can't even rule a kingdom!!!" (Y/n) shouted out of anger, glaring towards the vampire whom was floating infront of her with a stunned look. She greet her teeth together while balling her hands into fists. 

"Don't you realize I am going to be queen soon and I'm stuck here, trying to protect my sister, kill this stupid skull guy that destroyed most kingdoms and is now after Bubba's palace and we are stuck in the middle of the woods! No idea here to go, nor where to start?! Was this your plan Marshall, get me lost so Bubba and his citizens can just parish."

(Y/n) took a deep breath after pouring out her thoughts. Her (e/c) glances around at her surrounding, realizing she was in the middle of the woods with the vampire that got them lost. The anger that was building inside her chest was now gone, but a feeling a guilt hunted in the back of her head. She felt the weight lift off her shoulders after ranting her heart out. 

"That wasn't my plan (Y/n).." Marshal slowly landed on the now dead grass and stared at the female infront of him. 

"People are going to die!" 

Welp!!! There you go, intense huh? Hopefully you'll like this story!!!

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Name: Emi Starlean 
                              Hair color: White 
                              Favorite color: blue
                              Hair length: middle of meh thighs
                              Dragons name: Cecelia
Dragon name is scars. And why do they have a replica of the shadow gem?
Mine is a Gay Dragon who has a rianbơw côlor pattern whose name is
                              Troye Sivan
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That word's been stuck in my head for a week now along with a song
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Dragon's name is toothless!!! 
                              Just kidding!!!
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The first thing I read on the page was Blue so it's name is now Black And Blue 
                              Yeah I'm that weird person that does that