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Get Out (Marshall Lee X Reader)

Get Out (Marshall Lee X Reader)

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Rai By unknown_meme Updated Dec 13, 2016

So, my friend wanted me to do a Marshall Lee x reader thing. Soooooo here it is, I guess. 

It must be great to be a princess of an unknown kingdom, huh? A perfect life, perfect parents, a perfect sibling, maybe everything is perfect in that world. Wrong. Its hell. Your mother controls almost what seems like every second of your life. Going through lessons everyday how to be a proper princess and soon to be queen of the kingdom. But, on day your mother suddenly asked the Candy Kingdom's prince to  dinner? Including, the king of the nightosphere. Why? No kingdom has ever came to the Shadow Kingdom. Most thought it was myth the kingdom did disappear thousands of years ago. 

Ruby is your sister, and this was your chance.  Going to the land of Aaa. Leaving all of your problems and maybe finally living a good life! No longer a princess. 

Maybe this is your chance to Get Out.

Not for sure if that makes it interesting but I tried. Shrugs. Anyways, hope you enjoy and yes slow updates. Sorry

InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Dec 14, 2016
That word's been stuck in my head for a week now along with a song
MusicGuardian2004 MusicGuardian2004 Feb 08, 2016
Dragon's name is toothless!!! 
                              Just kidding!!!
FioleeMardersLove FioleeMardersLove Jul 17, 2016
The first thing I read on the page was Blue so it's name is now Black And Blue 
                              Yeah I'm that weird person that does that
Star_Random Star_Random Dec 24, 2016
Shadow. ((That's always a first pick to my dragons name. Quite a coincidence))
TheFantasyPhoenix TheFantasyPhoenix Oct 02, 2016
In the newest episode, they called her butterscotch butler 🤔
KiTkAt1o1 KiTkAt1o1 Feb 17
Can't help but feel like this is going t be used later on... XD