Get Out (Marshall Lee X Reader)

Get Out (Marshall Lee X Reader)

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Rai By unknown_meme Updated Aug 11

So, my friend wanted me to do a Marshall Lee x reader thing. Soooooo here it is, I guess. 

You are a princess of the Shadow Kingdom. But there is a problem, no one knows there is a shadow kingdom. Until, one day the queen sent a letter to Prince Gumball, inviting him over for dinner. Your not happy with the choice your mother made though. You dont want to meet the most known prince of Aaa. And the one and only, King. That's one of the reason you don't like being a princess. You have to worry about becoming queen, looking after the citizens, and finding love. There is adventure, love, hate, death, jealousy and much more. But only you want is to Get Out...

Not for sure if that makes it interesting but I tried. Shrugs. Anyways, hope you enjoy and yes slow updates. Sorry

Magic-dome Magic-dome Nov 13
Considering your made out of bubblegum I don't think its possible to get stuff off of you
Dragon's name is toothless!!! 
                              Just kidding!!!
The first thing I read on the page was Blue so it's name is now Black And Blue 
                              Yeah I'm that weird person that does that
In the newest episode, they called her butterscotch butler 🤔