Kyy Saga: Season 1 [Completed]

Kyy Saga: Season 1 [Completed]

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What do you think of this name?
What strikes your mind with this name?

Well if you ask my opinion then
That is,
Which once happened to be an MTV youth show and got many hearts hooked to it. (For the ones who don't know)

And Saga means an cluster of events happening all together at a time. 

And if I combine these both then it becomes "A cluster of events which happen all together with the team of Kyy and also few of my additions."

As some characters which didn't happen to exist in the show happen to be added by my imagination!

This book has lots filled in it. 
It has mostly every emotion, 
From happiness to sadness,
From love to hatred,
From flirting to comedy, 
From evil planning to emotional, 
From suspense to revenge, 
Basically it's a mixture of all events and emotions. 

And I can assure you that there wouldn't be any reason for you not to like this book, and if by any chance you do..Even then you won't be able to dislike this book.

As it's concept is something different and unique which you wouldn't find in any random book. 

It's lots different to what the show contained. Never watched the show? No problem.

Plus it's totally ok for any age group to be read. As it's mature content free, 
And if you read with your mind and heart then you would feel like you are in the story.

And lastly not forgetting to mention
The name itself says Kyy, Meaning the whole Kyy team, So in this you will find every character equally important. 
Not just a particular couple or any single specific person, every character would have its own importance!  

For PURELY MaNan fans, am sorry but this book wouldn't be for you as this book isn't just MaNan!! It's KYY SAGA!

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kamnamandan kamnamandan Nov 01, 2017
Actually I am following u but still cant read the private chap
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Heyyy!!!......I am following uh but cant see d private updates....plz hlp meeee.......I seriously luv ur storyyyy!!!!.....wht should I do to read those updates?!!
Praty1738 Praty1738 Mar 20, 2017
I will never dare to do so 
                              Because I know well 
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Chill it you have lots people loving your  story  then hater so chill and nice day😜
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Hey I wanna ask ke are u gone post next part or no and wat about there love story plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it fast
yashi_sheth yashi_sheth Aug 27, 2016
I cant really wait for the next post pls do it fast as soon as possible pls ur story is far more than amazing I m truly loving it pls so it asap a humble request I no it's not easy as u have to think the plot and remove tym frm ur daily schedule and do this but pls a small request