Ayame Hinata (Haikyuu!! Fanfic) ON HOLD! SORRY

Ayame Hinata (Haikyuu!! Fanfic) ON HOLD! SORRY

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Otaku Trash By SwimmersAndProdigies Updated Oct 26, 2016

Ayame Hinata is Shouyou Hinata's older sister by 2 years. She is a third year at Karasuno and this book follows her experience with volleyball and the Karasuno team.  She also has her own secret love life with a member of a volleyball team but that'll have to wait for the later chapters.  

I do hope you enjoy this book so sit down with a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/ or some other beverage in a nice and cosy place wherever you are and lose yourself in the wonders of books.  Forget about reality and join in on Ayame's wonderful experiences with the Karasuno team.


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mairunette mairunette Jun 04, 2017
Hinata was 15 when he started (and Kageyama was 14) and turned 16 throughout the series
Seven_Artemis Seven_Artemis Mar 14, 2017
It's correct because elementary school has 6 years, junior high/middle school has 3 years and high school is 3 years in Japan.
lucylover20 lucylover20 Nov 24, 2017
oh my god she's TALL how is she shoyo's sister???? from what i know shoyo's like a giant elf
KalikaSingh KalikaSingh Apr 08
Omg her birthday comes only once in 4 years and she is 17.... hm......
                              17×2= 34 
                              *le gasps* she is 34 years old?@?!?!
sailorsun98 sailorsun98 Aug 31, 2016
Yes, all of this is correct, the ages are right too, that's just how the schools over there are done, so the ages are correct as well
yoongixshh yoongixshh Oct 02, 2016
Actually, Daichi IS 18 and in his 3rd Senior year and will graduate, students usually graduate from college at the age 22. 
                              They probably removed the 4th year or it's the 1st year of college. There are 4 years or college, 18+4= 22 so I think there's nothing wrong, at all...