The Anon

The Anon

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One blog, one girl, two very different people. 17 year old Charlotte Knight has always gone unnoticed with her brother the star football player and his good looks to her brilliantly talented Aunt. She was shy, quite and reserved. But deep down she hated the world, was sarcastic and ridiculously attached to her computer, Chester. And what better why to reveal your inner self than with a blog. 

It was one post that changed her life. Soon people took notice of her. The girl who was outspoken, the girl who was funny, the girl who spoke the truth. But no one knows who she was and Charlotte gets into all kinds of trouble to keep her identity as the Anon.

contains a lot of cussing because I have a bad case of sailor's mouth.

Cover made by: @QueenEverdeen

MAJOR FYI PLEASE READ THIS : okay i wrote this like my freshman year and this is absolutely horrible writing. there are so many grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes that i have to go through and edit. But if you still want to read it go ahead by all means.

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MalEficent4 MalEficent4 Jun 11, 2017
Me...I was actually happy being a rock in one of the school plays...cuz well they don't say anything
wlcmfrthmmrs wlcmfrthmmrs Jun 09, 2017
Why is it the first person that popped into my head is Zoë Sugg aka Zoella???
discoharry discoharry May 14, 2017
                              Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭 
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                              READY TO BE SHOOKETH
I'm a social person but honestly this is what I think every single day
I wouldn’t have seen it coming if it were standing right in front of me