After All These Years. #Wattys2017

After All These Years. #Wattys2017

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"Let me tie your shoe laces, cause I don't want you falling for someone else." I said.

"So princess, you're in love with me?" He smirks.

"Pff. Me? In love with you?" I faked a laugh and stopped myself from saying anything further. 

Then his arrogant smirk came on display.  

"Oh please I'm totally not in love with you." I huffed and looked away. 

But I was lying again and I had to.

Because I was falling, falling hard. 

And maybe just maybe, I had already fallen. 
Isabel Jones never thought she would see her high school crush again neither did she ever think that she will start liking him. 

So what will happen when a girl who is scared of love, falls in love and falls hard? 

A lot of drama and an unexpected journey of sweet kisses, sour tears, painful heartbreaks, blissful friendships and the fearful departures. 

I am Isabel Jones and this is my story. 

This story is not the typical bad boy and nerd story. I swear it's not. It might have some cliches here and there, but, that does not make it a typical story. Also the writing would not be good at some places as I'm an amateur writer, so please read at your own discretion. 

Also, the description would give a totally different understanding of the story but the story written inside is way too different. In other words, the story inside is better than the description. 

Cover by me.

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Modern_cindrella Modern_cindrella Mar 23, 2016
True !! Tomboy type of girls mostly the best friends for guys !!
chasing_uncertainty chasing_uncertainty Mar 11, 2016
The cover is surely deceptive for a description like that! 
                              Worded very well though.
sakshheee sakshheee Mar 13, 2016
I immediately clicked read when I saw 'A girl who is scared of love' in the description...that's because it's exactly what I feel. Great start.
ashmita_ ashmita_ Mar 21, 2016
Guys are generally best friends with tomboys. Might want to fix that...
itsagemini itsagemini Sep 01, 2016
Chace Crawford's gorgeous face is more than enough to lure me in.