Chatting The Ex-assassin

Chatting The Ex-assassin

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Ate Kat :D By _starlight07 Updated Feb 14


Who would have thought that chatting the ex-assassin can make your life go click-clack-barabim-baraboom.

Lol, I meant to say is complicated.

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OTAKU_tacos OTAKU_tacos Jul 01, 2016
This is such a sad background......I wish my life was like this😉
I don't hate my classmates. I just don't hang out with them because I'm not very sociable (I'm not a loner though) and they play rough and push each other around and they also curse, so I hate really noisy and messed up places.
Killanami Killanami May 31, 2016
My name is Killana Zoldiac my eyes are Blue as the Ocean my hair was silvereete like Killua
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Nov 20, 2016
Me, except the creepy part. I looovvveee creepy things and blood and gore and stuff. Things like that are my liiffeee
Simifi Simifi Nov 15, 2016
Girls on social media say that, not all ofc, but. In reality like, they have friends lol
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