My Shooting Star » Barry Allen

My Shooting Star » Barry Allen

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♡Peter Parker ♡ By SarcasticMendes9891 Updated 4 days ago

"I don't need a shooting star, I have you."

Ariana Cresting just moved back to Central City. She got a job at Star Labs and was hoping, maybe her life would be normal now. Zero villains she'd have to deal with. One night during the huge particle accelerator presentation, it storms and things go bad. People had gotten hit with this dark matter that made them different....and Ariana's whole life has changed. 

Now she'll have to deal with the evil metahumans and one of the most annoying and nerdiest superheroes ever. And no he isn't Superman, Batman or maybe even Spider-Man. He's Barry Allen. He's....

The Flash.


Cover credits @siIverstreaks

emmahassocialanxiety emmahassocialanxiety Aug 19, 2016
Tbh I just watched some of the flash and I'm already looking for fan fics because Barry is hot
AccioHufflepunk AccioHufflepunk Aug 29, 2016
Hi! If you love Pietro Maximoff check out my new story 'Siren' :)