Unspeakable - Phan

Unspeakable - Phan

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Phan ✨ By Tronnerlife Updated 2 days ago

Dan Howell, a 17 year old boy. A mute. Diagnosed with severe anxiety, paranoia and depression. Anti-social.

This bot meets Phi Lester, a happy, excitable boy, who loves to talk. But, Phil is new to the school. He doesn't know who are good and who are bad.

Phil and Dan meet once, and maybe for the last time. But Phil makes Dan smile. And you never know, this mute boy may fall in love with Phil.

W A R N I N G !
This story may contain, self-harm, abuse, talk about suicide, and some other triggering themes.

HowellingAtTheStars HowellingAtTheStars Nov 29, 2016
phil be like, "you say one more thing i will come over there and slap you up, i am not jo-king." *duck face*
                              • •)
                              (•-•)/ "Hi."
                              "So, my name is [Dan]." [  ]
Julialovesphan Julialovesphan Dec 28, 2016
I identify with being in lgbtq+ but really im a born female whos straight 
                              im boring arn't I?
markigirl markigirl Dec 06, 2016
I'm pan! x3 But I don't have, and probably never will have, and girlfriend or boyfriend
delicatehowell delicatehowell Dec 23, 2016
I feel like Dan should've learned sign language in that three year gap. Like the doctors would've made him
CRIES I hate my old writing I really need to continue re-writing this