Unspeakable - Phan

Unspeakable - Phan

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Phan ✨ By Tronnerlife Updated Jul 26

Dan Howell, a 17 year old boy. A mute. Diagnosed with severe anxiety, paranoia and depression. Anti-social.

This bot meets Phi Lester, a happy, excitable boy, who loves to talk. But, Phil is new to the school. He doesn't know who are good and who are bad.

Phil and Dan meet once, and maybe for the last time. But Phil makes Dan smile. And you never know, this mute boy may fall in love with Phil.

W A R N I N G !
This story may contain, self-harm, abuse, talk about suicide, and some other triggering themes.

Everyone who can relate to this; beauty standards are made up by humans and thus different for everyone. If a person is a good person they will only care about your character anyway, you are all beautiful so treat yourselves good. ♥
FayMarie02 FayMarie02 Aug 20
He's gay and he slays. 
                              However, you play with balls the most out of all of them seeing as you are a 'jock' so I'd say you take the crown here honey. 
                              Adios ya' bítch
*goes through the comments while stuffing myself with cake* okay, to everyone who can relate to this, you're all beautiful and wonderful and amazing people and never let anyone else tell you otherwise I love you all here have some cake *gives you cake*
phil be like, "you say one more thing i will come over there and slap you up, i am not jo-king." *duck face*
My happy little pill
                              Take me away
                              Dry my eyes
                              Bring colour to my skies
lemoncake35 lemoncake35 Nov 19
I mean he is gay but that's beside the point tHe fACt ThAT u juST ASsumED