Demon Blood (Book One)

Demon Blood (Book One)

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Aria and Vi By flamefox2spiritowl Updated Nov 11, 2016

It has been years since the great war against the Demon King in the kingdom of Talahan. After so many years of peace and happiness, darkness threatens to take over once more. 

Ryia, the twin of the Queen of Talahan, Alexandria, has fallen into a coma, threatening her life. Now, her three children, Fabian, Diana and Merline, along with the children of Alexandria, Damian and Liana, set off to find an earb that will save Ryia's life. 

Meanwhile, a slave of the Demon King, Marie, escapes from his castle in order to find queen Alexandria, who knows of Marie's father, Terrin. 

Will the Royal children find the earb and save Ryia's life? Will Marie learn the secrets about her parents? Or will Talahan fall into darkness?

  • adventure
  • assassin
  • demons
  • medieval