Change The Future {X-Men: Days Of Future Past}

Change The Future {X-Men: Days Of Future Past}

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What if The Scarlet Witch was in Days Of Future Past? 

Well, let's find out.

Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother, Peter are kids with special gifts.

AKA, Mutants.

Everything changes when three strange men show up on their doorstep, saying that they need their help breaking out a man...from the Pentagon.

Wanda later finds out that the choices they make can help change the future.

And Wanda will make sure that no one will stop them.

{I do NOT own Scarlet Witch or the X-Men. They all belong to Marvel. I just added the X-Men version of Scarlet Witch. Hope you guys enjoy!}

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esteicy98 esteicy98 Nov 16, 2017
Why this is not canon, Fox?!  I want my babies together  >->
                              Btw cute, I will read it xD
esteicy98 esteicy98 Nov 16, 2017
It was so natural, I loved the Peter amd Wanda intersections, they are so funny and adorable 😍
ChimChimmy10-16-17 ChimChimmy10-16-17 Nov 21, 2016
I just got done watching a documentary of JFK's assassination that's so weird 😶😶😐
FallonLedger FallonLedger Jun 20, 2016
Apocolypse was amazing! James Mcavoy, Micheal Fassbender, and Sophie Turner killed it!
sophiewatsists sophiewatsists Jun 05, 2016
How come Selena Gomez is playing Wanda? Shouldnt it be Elizabeth Olsen?