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Ban x Reader Hardcore Lemon

Ban x Reader Hardcore Lemon

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PsychoKittie By Psychokittie4444 Updated Jul 12, 2016

A few months ago you were saved by a group of people in a forest. Those people were The Seven Deadly Sin. They were less intimidating as they were in their wanted pictures and it turns out The Seven Deadly Sins were actually really good people. You wanted to repay them, and sense you lived by yourself and were very independent, you offered to work at The Boar Hat, Their tavern. Meliodas casually accepted and let you join their team, Traveling the land in search of the rest of the sins. The setting is a few months after you met everyone at a little celebration in the tavern after everyone defeated another rival, though the celebration was more of a excuse to get drunk. ( Warning, the word "Pussy" will be used a lot in this story. ) P.S please leave feedback on what you thought, I recently joined Wattpad and would love to hear some opinions on my storys.

Interesting idea. This could use some work grammar/syntax/typo wise.
technically, since im 5'0, my head would be about where his lower torso is.
Sorry I have to say this... I just got finished watching Naruto...
inccorect1304 inccorect1304 Dec 27, 2016
That line sound familiar..? 馃 
                              Anyone know where it's from?
UsakuEyeless UsakuEyeless Oct 22, 2016
What anime is this? I came here accidently because the title says it's... soo here I am
2004dc11 2004dc11 Mar 08
You know, i get why the author pur a warning not to comment on this part
                              *cracks knuckles*