My Mating season Story(NaLu)

My Mating season Story(NaLu)

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pikagirrafenalu By pikagirrafenalu Updated Dec 17, 2016

Mating season is approaching......that means natsu has to find a mate. But it isnt easy. Natsu describes how mating season in his perspective. Good luck Natsu.(i really suck at summaries)

I do not own fairy tail!!!
All characters are hiro mashima's

May contain cursing!!!!

The cover is not mine!!! All the right and praises goes to the artist that drew that!!

Ok....on with the story~~

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Geez Lucy’s starting to act like nagisas Mum... 
                              Anyone get the reference 😉
SatariJessop SatariJessop Dec 27, 2017
no natsu probably dosn't realize he likes lucy cuz he is too god damn dense
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf Jul 17, 2017
Aha that's his gray strips so fast! He sweats his clothe off!
I dont understand why she is mad. Did I miss something? I must be blind.
Lucy is a sweet girl he said. A kind, loving, soul he said. (Ik he didn’t exactly say that but you get it)
SatariJessop SatariJessop Dec 27, 2017
its not the end of the world so chill out people besides he probably read it cuz natsu likes lucy