The Walking Dead Preferences/Imagines

The Walking Dead Preferences/Imagines

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Kayla Sioux ♡ By kayla_flawless3 Updated Sep 26

Carl: You met carl when you were on a run, you met at a gas station not far from where you stayed at, you looked around and notice something was moving and walked over to it, a boy with ocean blue eyes and chocolate brown hair was trying to hide from you, you guys talked for what seemed like forever and he decided he wanted to take you to his group, he told you his name when you guys were walking in the middle of the forest... Carl Grimes 

Rick: You lived in Alexandria for what seemed like your whole life, then they brought a new group in, you wondered if the people are nice, dangerous, scary, then after being questioned you had to show them where they stayed, a man, a year older than you kept staring at you, you would look over at him and he would look away trying to cover his blush, you smiled and he told you his name... Rick Grimes.

Daryl: A herd of walkers were chasing you through the forest, hopping and dodging all the twigs and trees that were in your way, you came across a man...

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